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1) From: Michael Walls
Actually shipping is not bad at all. Puerto Rico is a
US teritory and there is no customs to deal with.
There is not very good service from UPS or Fedex in
the Mountains of and the Puerto Rico.  The owners
drive to the Post office a few time a week. Priority
Mail shipping on 10# was only $15.15 and I got in in
three days.  The ordering and paying process is what
takes so long.  There is no Web site, no online
ordering, no credit cards.  I had to drive to the post
office wait 30 minutes in line to buy a postal money
order, mail it to a P.O. box. It is just so convenient
to go online to Sweetmarias select coffees from all
over the world and add them to a shopping cart and
checkout with a credit card. The only reason I went
thru all the hassles of ordering from somewhere else
is my wife is from Puerto Rico and was demanding some
PuertoRican coffee. I just rosted my last 4 lb
yesterday to hand out to my wifes 3 sister and 1
brother.  I will to a traditions offering when I get
some more.  
Mike Walls
Columbia, SC. 
Howdy Mike. Keeping beans in parchment as long as
possible is
by far he best way to keep them. It's what all growers
do. Too
bad all coffee can't be imported a little at a time.
actually it could be-if the cost of shipping small
wasn't so high. How much was shipping cost of 20 lbs
from Puerto
Rico? I guess it wouldn't seem as high starting with
$8 (?) lb.
beans as the same charge on $1 lb coffee from Central
or South
America... How's about a "Tradition" offering?;o) We'd
all love
a chance at trying a bit of that. This year's new crop
will be a long time comming through normal channels.
The Oaxacan
is still being picked.
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2) From: Andie Z
I just received my order from Sweet Maria's.  I live in Upstate New 
York.  The shipping cost $13.28.  Is there any way Tom could ship it 
via. USPS Flat Rate Priority?  That would save enough for another 
pound of coffee.  Or, is there a less expensive way of shipping from 
the West Coast to the East Coast? 
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3) From: Brett Mason
Next time select "Hold for Harvey" and you'll get your flat rate...
On 5/23/06, Andie Z  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason

4) From: Aaron
Do remember though that hold for harvey is only for coffee orders and 
not any other merchandise, ie pots, etc etc.  It will probably get there 
a bit quicker as well to be honest.

5) From: Thbull
'Hold for Harvey' is just for greens only, 12 lbs MAX.
Recently I placed 3 separate orders using 'Hold for Harvey' and I
saved $$ over what cost to ship all the coffee together in one big
--ThBull 'in the dog house for THAT order' :)
On 5/23/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

6) From: Justin Marquez
On 5/23/06, Andie Z  wrote:
to about 10-12# of green coffee and bags ordered at the same time as the
coffee, due to packing considerations. There is no tracking available. It
has worked well for most folks, but "your mileage may vary".  As long as th=
P.O. doesn't lose it, it should work out well.  Only a couple of folks in
here have reported problems with it. My experiences have all been good usin=
"Hold or Harvey". If I am ordering only coffee, I use it all the time.
Generally if I order on Mon or Tue, I'll have the box by the weekend.
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)

7) From: Woody DeCasere
Also remeber Harvey is for 12 pound and under orders, it really saves on 12
pound orders.
On 5/23/06, Aaron  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

8) From: Terry Stockdale
At 07:49 AM 5/23/2006, you wrote:
The "Hold for Harvey" shipping option is the USPS Flat Rate Box.  SM 
will ship up to 12 pounds of green coffee beans in the box -- no 
other items allowed for this mode of shipping.
Delivery to Baton Rouge runs 2-3 days  -- 1/2 the cost of UPS and 1/2 
the time, too.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
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9) From: Jerry Procopio
I live in Virginia (originally from Upstate NY too) and used to be 
frustrated with the UPS shipping, both the cost and the length of time 
it took for delivery.  Then Tom started the "Hold for Harvey" option. 
Originally it was just for List members and wasn't published anywhere 
else - I don't know if that is still true.  Hold for Harvey is the USPS 
Flat Rate Priority shipping option.  The restrictions are that is must 
be coffee beans only and not exceed 12 pounds.  The exception is that 
you may also purchase cloth bags with your coffee purchase.  Harvey is 
(was) the name of Sweet Maria's mailman.  My delivery is usually 3 days 
after placing my order and USPS delivers on Saturdays too!
Is this a great list or what?
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Andie Z wrote:

10) From:
12 pounds (hold for harvey choice) get it for 8.80 now...
fab deal.
---- Andie Z  wrote: 

11) From: Claus Thøgersen
And we are still waiting for a not very expensive way of sending packages
outside the USA? Sadly I think that we will have to live with the shipping
rates as they are. And since I do not have patience to wait 9 to 10 weeks
for surface mail I will have to pay more. But We can always dream of a
cheaper fast international shipping method.
Claus soon to order one of my 2 or 3 orders each year
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12) From: Brett Mason
Unfortunately, "Harvey" is the US Postal System - not worldwide postal
system...  I bet yours is faster than mine was in the Philippines....
On 5/23/06, Claus Thøgersen  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason

13) From: rnkyle
in all my shipping I found that for fairly quick delivery overseas USPS air 
mail parcel post 4 to 10 days is the cheapest fairly quick delivery
To be able to track I ship via USPS Global Express 3 to 5 days. not so cheap 
usally 2 X parcel post. But can track in detail.
I'm glad I can get Toms Greens and most always use
Hold for Harvey coast to coast 3 days

14) From: LInda Reese
Andie, FYI, others have explained the "hold for Harvey" option, but on a 
more personal note; I too live in Upstate NY, (Albany to be specific) In my 
mailbox this afternoon was the 12lb box of green coffee beans from SM, 
shipped USPS on 5/23; $9 shp. A very good deal; faster and cheaper than UPS. 
And so far, the only misdirected delivery I've experienced has been courtesy 
of UPS. Hopefully, mentioning this doesn't jinx me!LindaR

15) From: Vince Doss
for instance: I ordered 24lbs and selected "H.f.H." and Derek fromSM's sent
the following email:
I'm sorry but we can only fit 12lbs in the flat rate box.
Let us know if you need to change your shipping method.
It's 3$ more to go UPS   ... OR we could split this into 2 separate
flat rate boxes.
We'll have to run a small charge to your account either way to cover
the difference.
Also... you may want to break your order into 12lb parts if you want
flat rate next time to
save time. We also wouldn't want to screw up when we split this up for you.
Let us know what you think.
Hope this helps avoid my mistakes

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