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Topic: 1st coffee of the year (15 msgs / 254 lines)
1) From: Les & Becky
I brought in the New Year with the "Cup of Excellence" Nicaraguan this year!
An excellent coffee!  What did you bring the New Year in with?

2) From: Michael Guterman
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Les & Becky wrote:
Uganda Bugisu.  Had the last one with some cookies a dear friend sent me 
at about 12.30 AM and went to bed.  I was much more clear headed this 
morning than back when I ushered in the new year with stuff other than 
coffee.  The cookies came days ago, I drank the coffee at 12.30 AM.  Bad 
sentence.  Bad Michael!!  English major, ha!!
Happy New Year to all my fellow list members.

3) From: pfields
I brought in the New Year with a cup of Costa Rican La Minita Tarrazu ( 
Full City in a French Press)
Happy New year to all
At 02:08 PM 1/1/2004, you wrote:
Chaos Reigns Within
Reflect, Repent, Reboot
Order Shall Return

4) From: john
A simple, but very pleasant Colombian La Cacia brought to a dark full city
via an air popper, rested 36 hours, and brewed in a moka pot.
Absolutely wonderful.
Wake Up and Smell the Coffeehttp://www.sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html">http://www.drzeus.net/coffee<Snip>http://www.sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html

5) From: MMore
I had friends and their families over.  We sat around, a few glasses of wine, 
and then made an Americano for several of them - JBM or Kona - their choice.  
My own first cup was the JBM - pulled a perfect shot.  What a way to start 
the new year!!!
Michael A. Roaster of Vienna, Va.

6) From: Ron Kyle
A cup of Organic Bolivian. First roast of year 2lb of Kona Premium Estate 03

7) From: peter zulkowski
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This morning I brewed some of my original coffee I had bought for 
testing purposes as the Kona is not ready yet (Still aging).
Used 8 rounded coffee scoops to 10 cups of water.
This was roasted in a 150 gr. batch on December 29, and was one of the 
first roasts I did after setting up my Popcorn Pumper with the Variac 
and lamp dimmer.
Nope, no Melitta whirly blade this morning. My new Mazzer has not 
arrived, but I did use my friends Bodum Antigua that I have recently 
repaired for her.
Great coffee! Lots of body, very bright, not burnt. The oily beans 
coming out of my roasting set up seem radically fine :)
Happy New Year to all.
Wishing every one happy roasting on this wonderful day, from here in LHC
where it is 62 F outside
and does not seem cold at all :)
Ron Kyle wrote:

8) From: Zara Haimo
I drank two doubles of Oaxaca Organic Pluma - El Olivo while I made Russian
pancakes (blini) for the gang of kids that spent the night.  Then a friend
dropped by and said espresso was too strong for her, so I made us a pot of
French press with the same beans.  She added a little milk, but said it was
a wonderful cup of coffee, which it was!

9) From: miKe mcKoffee
Ended the old year with Koa Kona Peaberry Americanos. Started the new year
this mornings first cup Wood's Kona Americano, followed by end of roast
batches 3:1 Koa Peaberry/Kona Mountain Fancy Americano, now drinking a
Kowali Blue Mountain Kona Americano.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
MCSE (Maniacal Coffee Systems Engineer/Enthusiast;-)
URL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer etc.http://mdmint.home.comcast.net/coffee/Rosto_mod.htm

10) From: John Abbott
Zara Haimo wrote:
Served with Strawberries I hope!    So did Father Frost leave the kids 
presents today?   And I just know your dinner will be meat and 
potatoes!!  I'm a veggie now but I could break training for  Christmas 
Goose coated with Cowberry jam!!
Started my new year with an unbelievable cup of Guatemalan brewed in the 
Cona.  It was about as perfect a cup as I've had in awhile.  We've been 
sucking up Kona for the past couple of weeks (22 pounds of it) so maybe 
a lot of it was just the change in taste - but it was so smooooooooth!
Great start to a great year!
John - LOVING life in the slow lane

11) From: Scott Jensen
I roasted SM's Yirgacheffe lot #4453.
I am continually amazed at the flavors of different coffees. Why I should be
surprised after all this time I'm not sure!  I tend to stick to certain
coffees that I enjoy, such as Columbian, Pluma, Sumatra - at a full city
roast.  Not  that these all taste the same, but the Yerg is so flowery,
light and beautiful.  So distinctly different, it took me by surprise!  So
uniquely wonderful that it shocked me!  As I was drinking it, I caught
myself thinking " Wow, this is coffee really tastes different from all the
others!"  I sounded like a new Folgers convert, and had to laugh out loud at
Scott J

12) From: Zara Haimo
Served with 2 different kissels or fruit puddings - one cranberry, one
blueberry - and whipped cream.
We didn't have Dyed Moroz (Grandfather Frost) or Snegurichka (the Snow
Maiden) come, but we had a feast of Russian dishes.  Then we played two
crazy Danish games, one with chocolate and one with a cotton ball (doesn't
sound as wild on a computer screen as it was in real life).  We welcomed the
New Year in honor of some Greek guests with a Greek cake with a coin hidden
in it and ended with Spanish flan made by a Moroccan guest.  All in all, it
was a very international evening.
No meat, since I don't eat any either, but we had borscht, potato and
mushroom pelmeni (dumplings), cabbage piroshki (little pies), beet and
potato salad, Olivye salad (which Americans call Russian salad), sweet and
sour cucumber salad, sweet blini (thin pancakes), buckwheat blini with
smoked fish, the two kinds of berry kissel, the Greek cake, Spanish flan,
champagne, sparkling cider, etc. etc. etc.  I forgot to roast some decaf, so
no one drank any coffee until this morning.

13) From: The Rankin's
My first coffee of the year was Monsooned Malabar.  I find this coffee
very interesting.  Exceptionally smooth with a distinct taste that I can
only describe as butterscotch or maybe toffee.  It is really good.  One
of the few I drink without sugar.

14) From: miKe mcKoffee
Yes indeedy - coffee, tea or Yirg' 4453! A great lot of Yirgacheffe, Tom
done good. Possibly the perfect cup to serve to someone who drinks tea but
usually doesn't care for coffee. MM;-)

15) From: Gregg Talton
My first coffee of the year was Sumatra.  It was roasted to a full city
about three days ago and was absolutely wonderful! Wow, I'm so glad I
purchased those hot air poppers a few weeks ago.

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