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1) From: gin
toys will surely go to hell...
with great coffee equipment.
Nice quiver Brian.

2) From: Ruth A. Kohl
Is there a category for beginners?
If so,
4 french presses in three different sizes
1 Hobbs 2 qt electric kettle
1 whirley blade grinder
1 FRplus roaster
1 zass grinder, small
1 electric coffeemaker..looking for a good home
2 swiss gold filters
assorted coffee measures, brushes etc.
2 assorted non-electric kettles
1 small electric kettle for travel.

3) From: joshm
I personally think that a beginner with a list like yours is IN!
Also a beginner who really loves coffee and moves up to the more advanced
level but who remains faithful to good basic tools like the Zass, etc is
worthy of all the praise.

4) From: Ben Treichel
It was my Zass that started it all ..
joshm wrote:

5) From: alfred
Ginny: This contest also begs the question: Who has the biggest home
roaster? Do you suppose that one of the group has a full size commercial
machine at home? This would be the ultimate addict.

6) From: Brian Hyde
I don't have much, but I should get some points for paying attention to 
the advice of the list!
I have one Capresso drip maker with built in burr grinder (I never use 
this, probably going to sell it)
One Bodum french press (for work)
Some junky burr grinder that just about deafens the office when I turn it on
ECM Giotto
Cona pot - note: not Kona pot =)
Mazzer Mini
1 Reg Barber  (thinking of getting a convex Thor though)
1 whirl grinder, not sure of the brand.  I never use it for coffee but 
it works well for spices.  
One converted bait bucket for roasting.  
Less than 20 lb of coffee but more than 15.  Mostly hanging out in 
Africa now.  Ethiopians, Ugandan, Kenyans.  I always have some Sumatran 
on hand.  Did the best roast of some Ethiopian Ghimbi yesterday...  
Thinking of getting a popper, but I probably won't get time until much 
later.  I think I will try something much more fancy when I get the 
metal shop set up.  
That's it.  Pretty small collection when compared to everyone else.  But 
hey I guess I'm still a newbie.  
And I am still not getting list emails.  I have gone and changed my 
preferences twice now and it keeps changing itself back.  I select it to 
send me mail, it selects me not to receive it.  Tom are you messing with 
I can't believe I did this before I even had coffee..

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