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Topic: The NEW Solis (22 msgs / 366 lines)
1) From: John Abbott
http://www.baratza.com/html/122ITS HERE!!!   and on the way to Texas!!!

2) From: Mike Gallant
What is "new/improved" with this one over the Master 5000's? Just
curious, as I'm quite clueless when it comes to super-autos (and a
number of other topics as well, if you ask my wife...)

3) From: John Abbott
Well for openers its new :O)   I read the review on CoffeeGeek and then 
started waiting.   The major changes are a better grinder, a by-pass 
chute for preground coffee - ie - single shots!!!!  smaller bean 
chamber, more control over the temperature and better control over the 
steam wand system - 10 to 15 seconds and the steam wand is ready - and 
one can brew a shot immediately after using it.   And finally a rear 
mounted 2 quart water source.   But mostly - its new and I can make 
single shots using my other grinder and vary the drinks one after the 
other - if I want to.
Mike Gallant wrote:

4) From: Pecan Jim Gundlach
On Jan 9, 2004, at 7:08 PM, John Abbott wrote:
And, you can continue to make shots with another grinder if the 
internal grinder dies.
Jim Gundlach

5) From: Bamboo Joe
Just go ahead and pack up the old 5000 and ship to me.  I will adopt it and
give it a good home.  If you keep it you will neglect it.

6) From: John Abbott
Great thought Joe, but its already promised to a stunning blond that 
lives in Ohio - who roasts her own SM beans but really needs a machine.  
She's married to a preacher - so you know their budget doesn't have ANY 
hope of getting there.
John - drinking a really smooth Guatemalan
Bamboo Joe wrote:

7) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Pecan Jim Gundlach  wrote:
 Good point, Jim. My M5K is still sitting and waiting for a new
grinder. But still-the new model costs almost TWICE as much as
the old one, and a new grinder for mine is "only" $125...
 Congrats to John (and all his neighbors). New is nice.
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8) From: John Abbott
I almost said that my Solis has a great grinder. You are the first that 
I've seen a failure report on it. So maybe its time to ship this to my 
daughter anyway :O)
We found a great place in Guadalajara that makes gorgeous dimitass cups 
and saucers - for $2 a set! I might become a dealer - NOT - but its sure 
tempting. I paid the guy to pack them for me - I felt that I they were 
worth a lot more than he was charging and figured a good price for 
packing for the return flight would make up some of it. How about silver 
dealers every 30 feet!! BUT only ONE espresso machine that we could find.
John - ready to go back!
Oaxaca Charlie wrote:

9) From: Thompson Owen
I tested the new solis a few months back, took a ton of photos, 
reviewed it, everyone in the shop used it for a month, and ordered 
them ... then wimped out. It was the price that got me ... its soooo 
much! The Master 5000 isnt the latest or greatest but it does the 
basic job of the palazzo. Well, now the Master 5000 has gone up in 
price from $479 to $549, not close to the Palazzo but thats a big 
hike. Anyway, I will look forward to comments on the machine and 
maybe I should reconsider and stock it.
Basically, its awesome. Some people here had trouble with the ground 
coffee chute, but they didnt spend the 30 seconds I did reading the 
manual. You just have to properly notify the machine that you are 
putting ground cofffee into it ... it would be cool if it 
automatically sensed it when you open the ground coffee chute. It has 
lots of good steam available fast, but you still need to clear the 
steam line of water like any machine. Its easy to care for, thats for 
sure. I found that the spent coffee pucks filled their container 
quickly, or I would get false warnings that it was full when it 
wasnt. But that happened twice in a month test. Everyone here drank 
way too much coffee when the machine was set up, so thats a good 
sign. One of the most incredible Cafe Cremas we had was actually 
decaf Eth Harar. Incredible. It was like apricot custard!
have fun with the Palazzo!
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10) From: John Abbott
Not that its a show stopper for me, but all the literature on every site 
(copied from the same sheet no doubt) says that you can make a shot 
immediately after using the steam wand.  Its not a big deal either way, 
I use the over-heated water from the SM5K to clean out the frothing 
pitcher.  It doesn't take long and the boiler temperature sensor keeps 
the steam light lit and inhibits the brew button until its clear.   As 
for the false "full bucket" alarm, I'll take that over folks reloading 
the water and not dumping the trays until it backs up into the 
machine!   During Christmas we had a house full of people every day for 
a little over two weeks and trying to be helpful they would refill the 
water tank and nothing else and I had to take the machine apart and 
vacuum it out.   I see the alarm as an advantage. 
What kind of trouble would occur with the bypass chute?   That chute is 
the major reason that we are getting ours - so I can make decafs for the 
gals in the family that quit drinking the real stuff at noon!   Also the 
ability to change coffee without having to spin out the grinder and 
reload for a single shot was attractive.  Is it not a simple thing to 
do?  Not that it matters, my order is in.
John - anxiously awaiting Brown with my box.
Tom Wrote:

11) From: AlChemist John
You are buying another one? :-O  Wow.
Sometime around 16:26 1/9/2004, John Abbott typed:
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
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12) From: John Abbott
Trading up - my old one is going to Ohio for my daughter.
AlChemist John wrote:

13) From: Ben Treichel
I thought that the stunning blonde was going to buy one for your son. 
Not take Dad's. What else did they talk you out of? So, was this 
actually a plan to get Carolyn to let you but the new one??
John Abbott wrote:

14) From: John Abbott
No no!  My daughter in love is a gorgeous red head.  She is the one that 
was going to buy one for my son - and has.  My daughter is the blond - 
and I mean blond in every sense of the word :O))   Her favorite 
expression is "Well I can always fall back on cute!"    She is married 
to a preacher and will never have enough budget to afford one.    It 
wasn't hard to talk Carolyn into it - when I pointed out the by-pass 
chute that would allow her to drink decaf after her cut off time. She 
loves coffee but caffeine keeps her awake.  I can down a double - put 
the cup down and go to sleep.
But my ham shack is missing a radio and a couple of hand helds that my 
son took with him to Kentucky.  My kids REALLY know how to push my buttons.
John - waiting and watching for brown.  Its on the truck for delivery.
Ben Treichel wrote:

15) From: John Blumel
On Jan 10, 2004, at 10:05am, John Abbott wrote:
Doesn't it get a little too smoky in there to listen to the radio?
John Blumel

16) From: John Abbott
Funny!   Not a ham smoking shack - but an amateur radio shack - but then 
John Blumel wrote:

17) From: Derek and Pat Savanella D.B.A. Heavenly Beans
YAHOO!! IT'S HERE! I guess my email rant to UPS paid off, they sent it
"complimentary Saturday delivery" even though it was supposedly in
Washington state yesterday. Now I only have to let it come to room temp-it
was -5 this morning with a wind chill of about -20.

18) From: miKe mcKoffee
Congrats, after playing with it awhile let us know what DAY you go to sleep!

19) From: miKe mcKoffee
And John Blumel replied:
LOL! I'd just come in from putting a 19.34# ham on the Traeger to
apple/maple mix smoke when I read that. MM;-)

20) From: Derek and Pat Savanella D.B.A. Heavenly Beans
So far, so good. I am at least beginning with decaf blend of my own-Dr.'s
orders anyway so I'll sleep. Did just roast some Donkey Blend and will try
that with the bypass chute when ready.

21) From: DJ Garcia
That's a sweet looking super-automatic, John. Is that the one endorsed
by Enrico Palazzo? :-)
Feeling like a having fresh cup and viewing The Naked Gun, but actually
getting ready for snoozing ...

22) From: Derek and Pat Savanella D.B.A. Heavenly Beans
My new toy arrived Saturday via UPS by "complimentary Saturday delivery" so
I guess ranting helped it get here three days earlier than the status report
The Palazzo has been very, very good. The wife loves it which saves my butt.
It does produce thick, abundant crema and produces steam without waiting. It
took just a little adjusting to get the cafe crema the way I wanted and even
less tweaking for Donkey Blend espresso for capp's. Being shorter than the
5k got my attention because the cabinets are lower than standard in our
kitchen-the 5k just wouldn't fit.  I have had no trouble using the grounds
chute but the directions could be better. One of the best surprises was how
fast it heated to operating temperature. I turned it on when I got up in the
morning and it was ready to brew in less than 5 minutes.

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