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1) From: dennis staab
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I got to tell ya....putting hot bean in a enclosed basket of some kind =
then turn on a electric leaf blower, you'll have cold beans in a couple =
of seconds!! Anybody know how to roast 3oz. of beans in a Rosto, I tried =
it today, half ended up in the cuff collector. Taking out the heater =
fuse in a Rosto roaster, would that damage other parts or just run =
normally with the safety fuse.....or would there be more juice going to =
the heater, or what ever?

2) From: Dennis & Marjorie True
Last weekend I went to Java Jerry's and he has a great setup for cooling 
the beans off a fan in a box with a screen on top.
Anyway that got me thinking... I roast in my backyard sometimes so what 
I did today was to start tossing the beans between the 2 colanders and 
walk over to the Central A/C unit holding the beans over the unit while 
it is running I cooled off the beans in about 15 sec. (just keep it high 
enough as to not have the beans jump out of the bowl)
Just a outside the box thought for the group....

3) From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Juan_M._J=E1come?=
I do sort of the same, but in front of the kitchen hood exhaust, it is
indeed a great cooling method.
Juan M.
2006/8/11, Dennis & Marjorie True :

4) From: Don Cummings
Java Jerry's set up is actually a pretty standard one.  I also did the AC
unit thing a few times but I was able to build a fan cooling system for  $2=
and I got two extra colanders for the kitchen in the bargain.  ($10 for the
fan and $10 for the 3 colander set free shipping from Bed, Bath and
Beyond.)  The AC unit was once again relegated to a single-purpose device.
On 8/12/06, Juan M. Jácome  wrote:

5) From: Larry Johnson
Ditto. Randomly rambling through Barnes & Noble's, I came across the
book, bought it, and here I am. It's the only book I ever purchased on
coffee or homeroasting. Everything else that I've learned (including
the limitations of David's book) I learned here and the SM site. Oh,
and outside on my deck.
Sometimes our introduction to a new wonder comes from a less than
wonderful beginning.  My introduction to American craft beers was from
Jim Koch (Boston Brewing Co.; Sam Adams), probably considered by
homebrewers to be the Ken David of beer. Ok, the mega-rich version.
But yeah, a better marketer than brewer.
On Feb 16, 2008 12:39 AM, John Despres  wrote:
Larry J
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6) From: kofi
On Feb 16, 2008 5:19 AM, Ken Mary  wrote:
That's also my experience Ken.
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