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Topic: My tastebuds are killing my budget (5 msgs / 117 lines)
1) From: W. Scholtes
I've come to the conclusion that my three gustatory vices are getting way 
out of hand.  First was the pursuit of perfection in barbecue (NOT 
grilling), which resulted in five different pits costing a total of about 
two grand and all my back patio space.  At the same time, my other 
obsessions started vaporizing funds.  I now have a 22 cu ft humidor filled 
with quality (read: not cheap) well-aged cigars, along with the requisite 
cigar accessories.  My coffee pursuits have led me to accumulate three air 
roasters, four grinders, two pump espresso machines, and all the trappings 
which they needed to go with them.  It's a real blessing in disguise that 
my small kitchen is now totally maxed out for counter and storage 
space.  Fortunately the Zaffiro can deliver such good shots when I'm in 
morning zombie mode that I can't foresee any need to upgrade for a few years.
But all bets are off if I win a lottery! ;-)
Wayne      ...of course this would require that I play the lottery.
  "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."*
      *A. Brilliant

2) From: Bill Doman
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I feel like we're in a chapter of "separated at birth" here, Wayne,
except that in my case it's pipes and pipe tobacco to a greater extent
than cigars (and most of mine are NOT what you'd probably consider
"quality"--read: pretty cheap).  I'm a long way behind you in coffee
stuff, too, but considering I was drinking decaf Folgers 18 months
ago, my credit cards have definitely noticed my new "interest".
Then, of course, there's the Kitchenaid mixer, the canning equipment,
the yogurt maker, the bread-building stuff, the sourdough taking up
the refrigerator, and the shelves of cookbooks.  All in all, cooking
is the cheapest of my hobbies (except for reading, I guess, since I
use the library rather than pay $10 for a paperback!), and certainly
in some respects the most productive, and *absolutely* the one most
appreciated by those I live with.  Not that they're not happy to drink
home-roasted coffee, but they'd both make do with supermarket stuff
without too much complaint.

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Uh, you have a coffee budget? 82 CSA demerits. MM;-)

4) From: W. Scholtes
At 11:43 PM 1/17/2004 -0800, MM wrote:
Nope, just a master budget that _everything_ comes out of.  So increased 
spending on one facet comes at the expense (heh) of other pursuits.
  "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."*
      *A. Brilliant

5) From: Lowe, David
Coffee Budget = (Disposable Income) + (Credit Limit)
Dave Lowe

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