Rendering From 1869 Patent by E. D. Farcot
Count de Lambert's Hydrofoil (1891-1904)
Meacham's Hydrofoil Designs (1895-1906)
Drawing of Forlanini's Hydrofoil
Forlanini's Hydrofoil on Lake Maggiore in 1906
A Rendering of Croco's Hydrofoil (1907)
Bell-Baldwin HD-4 Hydrofoil on Bras D'Or Lake
Full-Scale Reconstruction of HD-4 Hydrofoil
Captain Richardson's Dinghy (1909)
The von Schertel-Sachsenberg VS-6 Hydrofoil
The von Schertel-Sachsenberg VS-8 Hydrofoil
The Hoop Foil Systems of O. Tietjens
Tietjens VS-7 Hydrofoil
A Sketch of Grunberg's Hydrofoil
Canadian Hydrofoil, MASSAWIPPI, R-100
MASSAWIPPI with Modified Foils
Canadian Hydrofoil, Saunders Roe, R-103
Christopher Hook's Hydrofoil ICARUS
HALOBATES with Feeler Arms
HALOBATES Retractable, Steerable Propulsion System
HALOBATES with Gas Turbine and Automatic Control System
Baker Hydrofoil, HIGHLANDER, LCVP(H
Miami Shipbuilding Flying DUKW
Avco-Lycoming Hydrofoil Amphibian, LVHX-1
FMC Hydrofoil Amphibian LVHX-2 Foilborne
FMC Hydrofoil Amphibian LVHX-2 on Wheels
The Carl XCH-4 Hydrofoil
SEA LEGS on Cradle
HS DENISON Hullborne with Foils Retracted
Maritime Administration Hydrofoil, HS DENISON Foilborne
Boeing Hydrodynamic Test System
View of LITTLE SQUIRT Showing Foils
R-X Test Craft with FHE-400 Foils
Outline Comparison of R-X and FHE-400 Hydrofoils
R-X Test Craft Hull Cross Section
U.S. Hydrofoil Military Development: 1958 to 1985
Boeing-Built HIGH POINT (PCH-1)
HIGH POINT Propulsion System Before and after MOD-1
HIGH POINT Being Lifted at Pierside
HIGH POINT During First Firing of HARPOON Missile from a Hydrofoil
HIGH POINT Vertical Replenishment with a CH-46 Helicopter
HIGH POINT in U.S. Coast Guard Colors
HIGH POINT Crossing the Columbia River Bar at Astoria, Oregon
HIGH POINT Cuts a Narrow Swath Under The Golden Gate
Parafoil Being Towed by HIGH POINT
High POINT with Towing Gear on Stern and Cable Deployed
Grumman-Built PGH-1, FLAGSTAFF
FLAGSTAFF Docked at Danang, Vietnam
FLAGSTAFF Underwater Explosion Demonstration
FLAGSTAFF in U.S. Coast Guard Colors
Boeing-Built PGH-2, TUCUMCARI
TUCUMCARI on a High Speed Run
TUCUMCARI and HIGHPOINT in High Speed Turns
PLAINVIEW Foilborne During Trials
PLAINVIEW with Foils Retracted
PLAINVIEW'S Titanium Propeller
"That is NOT the Way We Secure the Ship to the Pier, Filstrip"
Firing of SEA SPARROW Missile from PLAINVIEW
Personnel Transfer Between CH-46 and PLAINVIEW
PLAINVIEW and HIGH POINT in Close Formation Flight
USS PEGASUS Approaches PLAINVIEW for Close Formation Trial
Firing of Torpedo from PLAINVIEW
Canadian BRAS D'OR FHE-400 at 62 Knots
HMCS BRAS D'OR Features and Particulars
BRAS D'OR Propulsion System Layout
SUPRAMAR Hydrofoil PT-20
SUPRAMAR Hydrofoil PT-50
SUPRAMAR Hydrofoil PT-150
RODRIQUEZ RHS-70 Hydrofoil
RODRIQUEZ RHS-110 Hydrofoil
RODRIQUEZ RHS-140 Hydrofoil
RODRIQUEZ "W"-Shaped Foil System
RODRIQUEZ RHS-160 Hydrofoil
RODRIQUEZ RHS-200 Hydrofoil
USS PEGASUS (PHM-1) Foilborne
Major Events Leading to the Operational PHM Squadron
PHM Hull Design Considerations
PHM Foil System Arrangement
PHM Propulsions System Arrangement
USS PEGASUS on a High Speed Run on Puget Sound
Bird's Eye Views of PHM
USS PEGASUS Accompanied by Helo and Fixed Wing Aircraft
Dramatic Display During PHM Emergency Landing Demonstration
USS PEGASUS Displays its Rough Water Capability
PHM Shows off its Maneuverability
PHM Firing a HARPOON Missile
USS PEGASUS Trials Operation Profile
Comparison of PHM-1 and Production Ship Foil Construction
PHM Ships Sub-Assembly Construction
PHMs Take Shape
PHM-3 Nears Completion
USS TAURUS with Space Needle in Background
USS TAURUS from a Helo
Wheelhouse/Bridge of PHM
USS TAURUS in a Tight Turn
View of PHMs and MLSG From Squadron Building, Key West
PHMs Flying in Formation
USS HERCULES - Ready For Action
PHMs Operating with a Carrier Battle Group in 1984
Hullborne PHMs Maintain Position on a Carrier
USS TAURUS Operating in the Caribbean
PHM Undergoing Refueling Operations
Map of Caribbean Area
PHMs Follow The Leader
Drug Runner's View of a PHM
PHM Growth Hydrofoil
Candidate for Long Term PHM Product Improvement
Comparison of Surface-Piercing And Fully Submerged Foil Systems
Foil Arrangements
Hydrodynamic Force Control
Illustration of Hydrofoil Platforming and Contouring Modes
PCH-1 HIGH POINT Automatic Control System Schematic
Hydrofoil with a Diesel Engine, Angled Shaft and Propeller
FLAGSTAFF Gas Turbine Foilborne Propulsion System
TUCUMCARI Waterjet Propulsion System
PLAINVIEW Transmission System
HIGH POINT Transmission System
Typical Hydrofoil Performance
FLAGSTAFF Foilborne with Two Planing Hull Craft
Typical Calm-Water Thrust and Drag Curves
HIGH POINT and TUCUMCARI Cutting Circles in Puget Sound
Comparison of Ship Motions
Sea State Guide Chart
Speed Degradation of Various Craft
HANDE Computational Modules
RHS-160 Rodriquez Hydrofoil
RHS-200 SUPERJUMBO Hydrofoil
JETFOIL Propulsion System
Kawasaki-Built JETFOIL, "Jet 7"
Drawing of Italian Navy SPARVIERO Hydrofoil
NIBBIO Class Hydrofoils GRIFONE and ASTORE
Grumman-Israeli SHIMRIT.
SHIMRIT Dockside at Lantana Boatyard
Illustration of SHIMRIT General Arrangement Profile
Designer Alexeyev and Three of His Hydrofoils on the Volga
Illustration of the Alexeyev Foil System on RAKETA
A Version of RAKETA on the Rhine River in Germany
Prototype STRELA off Yalta Coast
Soviet Passenger Hydrofoil SPUTNIK
METEOR Operating in Leningrad
KOMETA Seen Leaving Napoli
BUREVESTNIK Prototype During Trials
Illustration of TYPHOON
Illustration of VOSKHOD-2
Illustration of KOLKHIDA
Bow and Stern Foils
Soviet Passenger Hydrofoil, CYCLONE
M-503 Soviet Radial Diesel Engine
Two PCHELA Soviet Military Hydrofoils
Soviet TURYA
Outboard Profile of MATKA
MATKA with Bow Supported by Forward Foil
Soviet Fast Attack Hydrofoil, SARANCHA
Soviet NK-12MV Gas Turbine Engine
Illustration of World's Largest Hydrofoil, BABOCHKA
Stern View of BOBOCHKA
Comparison of USS PEGASUS and Soviet Navy Hydrofoils
Corvette Escort Hydrofoil
Developmental Big Hydrofoil
Grumman HYD-2 Hydrofoil
PCM Hydrofoil
Future NATO Hydrofoil?
"Ye Olde Hydrofoile"
Futuristic Hydrofoil Concept