John R. Meyer, Jr.


"Ships That Fly", is a story of the modern Hydrofoil on a CD. The story covers the early days of Hydrofoil inventors and experimenters, and takes the reader through over 170 pictures and illustrations of Hydrofoils leading to those of recent years.

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"John Meyer has done a fantastic job in putting together a CD containing a history of modern hydrofoil ships and craft replete with innumerable photos and sketches. "Ships that Fly" is a unique contribution that will be of great use as a reference covering everything you need to know and more about modern hydrofoil development and application. It should be in the library of every naval architect, engineer, and marine historian."
Wm. M. Ellsworth, PE. (Formerly Associate Technical Director for Systems Development, David Taylor Research Center)

  • Included is an Addendum to CHAPTER 6. This chapter entitled:  The US Navy Fleet Hydrofoil - PHM, ends with a very optimistic view of PHMs in the current US Navy, and larger hydrofoils in its future. However, this was not to be. Several years following the completion of  "Ships That Fly", there were events surrounding the US Navy PHM program that should be mentioned.
    All six PHM ships were decommissioned on July 30, 1993, the only time the US Navy has decommissioned an entire class of ships, on the same day. This addendum describes some of the events leading to this sad day for the US Navy and the hydrofoil community. Also, documented are the many attempts to save the Ship, the day of the ceremony, attempts to save the ships even after the decommissioning, and finally the subsequent disposal of the ships and their status today.

  • In addition to this 252 page book, you will receive, on the same CD,  at no extra charge, a series of over 145 Hydrofoil pictures and illustrations as a Hydrofoil Slide Show, entitled: "A Century of Hydrofoil Development"

  • To order your copy of the CD, "Ships That Fly" along with the Hydrofoil Slide Show, for $29.95 plus $3.00 for postage and handling.

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